The Tuareg: Blue Man of the Sahara, George DiGuido
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   The Tuareg: Blue Man of the Sahara - Price: $22.95   

by George DiGuido, ISBN: 978-1-58776-157-7
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THE TUAREG (1828-1830) sweeps you into the life and times of a young Virginia plantation woman, a dashing aristocratic Frenchman, and a noble, but rough-edged Tuareg chieftain of the desert.

This masterfully told story takes place in exotic and diverse locals such as London; the tents of nomadic tribes; the decadent, intrigue-filled Turkish kasbah at Algiers, and the savannah-land country of Africa’s premier slave king. Voyage across three continents, through the beautiful yet cruel Sahara and into the heart of Africa.
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Biography :

Brooklyn-born George DiGuido attributes his interest in and love of Saharan culture to his WII stint in Morocco. Prior to that the only sand he ever saw was the beach at Coney Island.

Subsequent treks to Morocco and Tunisia strengthened his love of things African, and inspired the writing of The Tuareg.

Postwar, DiGuido enjoyed a long and successful career in New York, Detroit, and Chicago advertising agencies. His expertise as an Art Director for print and television advertising on major accounts charges his novel’s every scene with a highly cinematic quality.

The author lives in a Chicago suburb with his wife, two adopted daughters from Poland, and his overly-affectionate Wheaten
terrier, Kelly.

Book Review :

Excerpt: “The rough-hewn face of the rider echoed the shapes of the desert mountain crags; long nose, straight and ridge-like; angular cheeks as if sculpted by the wind; rock chin covered by a black beard sprinkled gray; lean, strong body – testimony to forty-three years on his beloved Sahara. Swathed in a dark blue burnous, what little skin showed through this swirling fabric was the color of a lion’s coat, but, oddly, tinged with blue. Save for glittering black eyes no other feature was visible; his face was veiled.
He was a Tuareg. A "blue man" of the desert.”

“The thought and care that Mr. DiGuido has put into this novel is incredible… History has collided with fiction to form this terrific book.” -Coffee Time Romance

“This novel will delight a broad spectrum of readers: historians, ethnographists, geographers, political scientists, adventure-lovers and hardcore romantics. In short, the novel has the fascination of “The Sheik” and the intellectual depth and scope of “Lawrence of Arabia.” Get this book and put on your nightstand, but don’t expect to get much sleep.”
-Dr. Thomas Wolfram, PHD
Department of Physics and Astronomy at
University of Missouri-Columbia

““The Tuareg: Blue Man of Sahara” by George DiGuido is a dynamic book from page one till the end, you will sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation, yet you will learn much about this culture.”” -Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views

“Captivating! THE TUAREG abounds with adventure, resonates with culture clashes, and pulsates with love.” -The Long and Short of It

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