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"Help! - Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Stay Miserable (Or Change) - Price: $20.00   (5 Reviews)
by Patricia Zerman, ISBN: 0-9763136-4-2
Link to Purchase: http://atlantaawarenesscenter.com

It's a book offering effective tools to help deal with and minimize fear, depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, or any number of emotions that cloud lives. The humorous manner and light-hearted illustrations show how continued crisis and chaos can be eliminated and provides a way to experience freedom and fulfillment.

  Finding the SELF, 12-07-2009
Reviewed by Anonymous
This book offers solutions to make life changes. Individuals are shown how to find that true inner self. The book is humorous but yet informative.
  Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable (or change), 12-04-2009
Reviewed by Anonymous
I find this book was very good for the beginner and advanced spritual seeker. I bought several copies and gave them as gifts.
  Fantastic!, 12-03-2009
A reviewer from Stone Mountain, GA
This book is an easy-read and you will find yourself going back and re-reading certain sections again and again...definitely a must-have for youe library.
  Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable or Change, 11-30-2009
Reviewed by Anonymous
I very much enjoyed this book as it was very helpful but also fun to read! It guides the reader in honest open communication skills, which are very necessary for success in life. I have used the suggestions in the book and found them to be an immense help. Pat has a great sense of humor and approaches serious subjects in an easy to read format.
  Life Changing!, 11-30-2009
A reviewer from Atlanta, Georgia
If you are serious about making changes in your life, if you are serious about learning how to truly love and accpt who you are - I highly recommend this book. Pat's help-line classes (based off this book) has helped me learn how to heal broken relationships with my Mom & my Dad. My Dad passed away in 2007 and I can say without Pat, I would not have enjoyed spending time with him the last 6 years of his life. What a present to myself and my Dad. I also learned how to "get healthy" about giving my daughter up for adoption and now we have a wonderful relationship that is better than I could have ever dreamed of. When I say "Life Changing", I really mean it!