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Your comments about bookhitch.com :

"A wonderful, easy-to-use site that really helps authors like me. Keep up the good work!"

"I'm happy with the service that bookhitch.com provides for free! There are few places authors can list their works for sale without having to pay up front. Keep up the great work!"
J.A. Laughlin

"Painless listing process. A little short in the descriptive section, but overall a good place to list the books. Thanks for making it easy."

"The perfect site for authors and readers. It's great. Thanks"

"Great Website. After signing up it only took a couple of minutes to decide to upgrade to premium. Very painless process!"

"I finally found a place to advertise my book. Thank you so much bookhitch."

"The perfect place to start my book off on the right foot!"

"I was very happy to find out about bookhitch. This is an excellent way to market my book. The upgrade to premium provided just what I needed. Thanks"

"Very creative . . . great idea! Thanks so much for contacting us! We're honored to be part of your site!"
-elena & elizabeth, Authors of Nana Star

"Your free listings are great. I was able to get my book 'Crafting the Travel Guidebook' under the travel writing category and it came right up! Can't seem to do that on Amazon! I think having different types of payments (free and premium)works. People don't feel pressured. Maybe I'll spring for a premium listing in a few months. $19.95 isn't bad!"
-Barbara Hudgins, author, Crafting the Travel Guidebook

"Thank you so much for a great site, and a great opportunity not only to list my book, but find others for my own enjoyment also!"

"Discovering your site was a ray of sunshine for my work. Thanks millions"

"This site is easy to navigate and a good advertising site."

"Great website!"

"What a great site. It's so navigable and great for publishers as well as writers! Thanks."
-Kate Neaverth

"I've listed all my romances here. As Promotional Manager for Writers Exchange I have encouraged all our writers to join and list their books. Thanks for being here."

"Thanks for supporting writers with your great site. It is another avenue for fledgling and experience writers to get more exposure."

"Writers are also readers. We devour books! I am the newsgroup administrator for our local writers' workshop, and I will post a message about this site."
-Lee Leffler

"Thank you for this opportuntiy. As president of Arizona oldest writers club - 81 years! - The Phoenix Writers' Club - I'll let all our members know about your site."
-Mabel Leo

"It's a delight to work with you. Your site is easy to navigate and update and you keep your authors well informed. Thanks so much."

"This is a fantastic site and I have no doubt it will grow from strength to strength."

"Thanks for the wonderful advertising, your site is a breath of fresh air after seeing all the greedy, publishing sites that care nothing for literacy. I was priveledged to submit for your community book and I hope you like my chapter, but either way, with free listings and the good company of other authors like myself, how can I go wrong. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for offering such a great site! I listed both of my books in hopes that many more people will use these self-applied techniques to bring light, energy, vitality, health and peace into their lives."

"I want to thank you for contacting me about this site. I have now put all 5 of my books here. With the high price of advertising, this is a great opportunity for authors to spread the word."
-Evangelynn Stratton

"This is a great opportunity for writers and readers alike. The community book project is also a wonderful idea. Thank you bookhitch."
-Cynthia Vespia

"How refreshing to discover a site that genuinely offers new authors the opportunity to share their work, without all the bureaucracy. I plan to list at least a dozen titles over the next few months. My sincere thanks....."

"What a great concept! Thank you for the opportunity to spread the word about my book."

"Congratulations on hosting such an excellent website. We're delighted to have our new 4th edition of Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren as part of bookhitch.com Keep up the good work!"

"Glad you found me. What a terrific resource!"

"Thanks for the heads-up. This site is fantastic for authors and readers alike."

"I definitely appreciate the opportunity to include my books here and recommend your site to others. Marketing is essential to success as a writer, and the more places your book is 'out there' the better your book will do - and bookhitch.com offers a great venue for promoting and sharing books. Thank you!"
-Michelle L Devon

"60 words is a bit short. Why not 100 word listings? Look at Amazon, they go on for 200 or 300 words."
(60 word description is free, amazon is paid. See premium listings).

"Thank you for contacting me. Your site looks great! Your concept is timely. Will list all of my books here. I look forward to getting lots of site traffic."

"Thanks for this site. Authors need all the help they can get nowadays. ;)"

"With social networking sites and internet connectivity affecting every area of our lives, Bookhitch.com is poised to be the next big thing for the way people find and purchase books!"

"Thanks Bookhitch for putting my books on your site for free. This is refreshing in these days of rip offs etc. Keep the good work up and once again many thanks. Robert James Bridgeauthors@rainbooks.com Thanks Bookhitch!"

"What a great opportunity for writers! Your organization even cares about contributing to charity in the community! That's a first. Thank you for listing my book series, "Adventures In Learning Land."
-Pola Muzyka

"Thank you so much for providing such an awesome place to showcase authors' books! The site works great with my screen reader, so I'm very grateful. Listing my books, including The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine, is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Keep up the excellent work!"
-Shirley Cheng, blind and physically disabled motivational speaker, poet, and author of five books by age 23

"You guys have a very unique concept. I have already recommended bookhitch.com to other writers."
Thanks for listing my book, "The Window to my soul; My walk with Jesus".

"What a great way to help people find books! Thanks for letting me list my writing. I linked back to you at my site."
-Duane Simolke

"Just finished reading the first chapter, dying to read the next one! Checking out rest of site (I have books listed and have two more coming in 2007.)"

"Lovely format with an appealing design which is perfect for showcasing a variety of talent!"
-Deb Stevens
Ovarian Cancer Campaigner

"Good site Thank you!"

"Your site is very very cool !! I love it :) Respect !"

"A great idea and a boon for small presses!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to show my book here. I received a lot of hits and inquiries since I did."

"Good site, admin. Thank you!"

"We intend to list all our new releases on this easy-to-use and remarkably straightforward service. Kudos to the bookhitchers!"
-Victor R. Volkman, Owner
Loving Healing Press

"Ease of submitting allows a small press to input several titles in a row. The ability to input keywords and to give book descriptions allows one to feel that readers will be able to easily search, then find, the right book for them."
-Angela Kelly, Raven Publishing, Inc.

"What a great opportunity to get more exposure for the great books we and many others have to offer. It's only taking me months to submit our entire backlist and frontlist but I think it's worth it."
-Kate Neaverth

"I am so stoked! This is a great way to bring help promote our stories to the world wide web! Great idea for new Authors and long time readers!"
-James Daos

"Great company for a new user. Very helpful people. I recommend it on that ground, now and expect to be very glad my novel, "The Mind Keepers" is listed."
-Kenneth MacLean

"What a great idea! Thank you so much for this opportunity."

"I'm very happy with Bookhitch--Thanks for inviting me."

"What a fabulous concept. This is positive proof of the power of the Internet. I will definitely send our authors to your site to add their books. Well done."
-Sid Smith

"Since I am a media and writing coach as well as a radio host promoting authors, I'm delighted to add your information to my resource lists and web sites. The following information may help your subscribers. Thanks for having a great site for authors. As I always say, "To be a leader, you must be a reader!" Blessings, Cynthia Brian"

"Thanks so much for this Creative new idea to help writers and readers connect in a simple and fresh new online approach. I hope this website rises in the search rankings quickly & book lovers can help if we all spread the word!"
-William Blake
Creative Writer & Webmaster

"It's a fine thing that readers can find new authors who aren't yet in the mass market!"

"Innovative and very supportive of the author. We applaud your creativity!"
-Irene Watson, Reader Views

"The Authors of Arizona are thrilled to find this site. Already we are increasing our sales, especially when we have the covers put up. And the fact that we do not have to pay 45 to 55% for every book we sell. We get to put that in our pockets. Thank You so much for including us in this great opportinity."
-Catherine A. Cramer

"Thanks for letting us know about your fantastic new site, and the opportunity to add our books. Much success to you!"

"My publisher suggested I place some titles here. I was impressed by how easy it was to log them in. Usually, it's a nightmare to get my books put up."
-Vickie Britton

"Good site."
-Richard Craze

"What a good website and service you provide."
-Dr. David B. Axelrod

"What a great marketing idea! Kudos to you. (And gratitude too!) I'll do my part to help spread the word."
-D.S. White

"I am so grateful to finding this site. It is nice knowing there is support for new authors."

"I really want to get the word out about my free fantasy romance novella, and your website is a great way to do that. Very nicely done by the way!"
-Regina Paul

"After three years searching for a suitable Promotions Medium, I now find 'bookhitch'. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou - all the way from Ireland. And thankyou 'firstwriter' for the recommendation."
-Emil Di Vago

"From off the grid in the woods of Maine I'm chanting praise for bookhitch."
- Henry Braun

"A great Mission much appreciated by potentially publishable authors like myself!"
- Thomas W. Devine

"Sites like bookhitch.com help tremendously in getting the word out on our books...THANKS!"
- Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

"I am new to this site, but I know it will suffice for my books."

"I was very excited to learn of a new website to help promote my book! Great job... BookHitch.com !"
- Karolina V. Linares

"This is absolutely great!!"
- Patrice Wade Johnson

"Thank you for your help in promoting my book. Its a great site."

"I absolutely LOVE your bookhitch site, thanks for inviting me there!"
- Delores Thornton

"This is fabulous."
- Bootstrap Publishing

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to list my books on your site! What a terrific resource!"
- Evelyn B. Christensen

"Thank you for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to list my book on your website."
- Apina Hrbek

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